3-Day Summer Film School – August 2018

We have been busy designing our courses for the summer holidays and are very excited to be working with Cinema City Education and The Stage, to run a 3-day summer film course for 13-15 yr-olds and 16-19 yr-olds.  You can find out more information here.

We are running scriptwriting course where participants will learn key aspects in writing short scripts, and creating characters. We will then introduce drama and acting techniques to allow participants to bring their scenes to life and the third day (film-making) we will shoot our short stories.

In this way, students will be able to have a go both in front of the camera or take up a crew role behind the camera. We will have a maximum of ten young people on each workshop, and they will work alongside professional filmmakers, scriptwriter and actor.

These courses are for students interested in performing and creative arts. Although no previous experience necessary, the enthusiasm to join in and have a go is essential.



Short film development into features

Jean wrote and directed Into the Silent Land, a 16mm short film about identical twins back in 2010-12. The film sold at Cannes Short Film Corner to Shorts International. Since then Jean has been developing the short film into a feature-length drama called Late Splitters. Campbell Cloud Films CiC worked with twins, Mia and Cara to shoot a short promotional mood piece for the feature film back in the summer of 2016.

More recently Jean has been working with Imogen and Verity who played the original twins, Rachel and Sarah in the short film. Together they have been working from scenes in the script improvising to develop the story further and make it more relevant to a younger audience.  Into the Silent Land will be released online in the coming months.

Filming on the hottest day of the year


The Haunted Hotel is due for release late 2018. But last summer Jean had the opportunity to direct one-eight of the feature film, produced by Film Suffolk and Nick Woolgar Films. Jean came onboard as a director of Watching, written by Daphne Fox. The set was a wonderfully creepy derelict hotel in Ipswich and the eight teams were restricted to three-days to shoot a ten-minute ghost story. Watching is a fictional account of a visit Charles Dickens made to the White Horse Hotel, in Ipswich when writing for the Ipswich Chronicle. Shoot dates were in June, and it was sweltering and as all scenes took place in candlelight (with artificial lighting) we had fans at the ready! Jean had the great pleasure of working with an extraordinarily talented and dedicated team of actors and film professionals, the feature film is currently in post-production and will be out later this year, in autumn 2018.

Working with the Media Learning Company

I’ve been busy teaching on the Media Learning Company course at Norwich City College, for the past year and a half. This year the students branded their production company Cactus Media. As part of my role I produced a five-part web series working with Lilie Ferrari, Script 6 and Eye Film, called ‘the Bereavement Club’ we shot this back in March, and my role finished in April. You can view the five-part series on Youtube here:

The Bereavement Club – Episode One

It was great fun working with Cactus Media, and the 13 strong team of students did a stunning job in creating such a professional and emotive drama. All artwork and films were produced by the students mentored by a team of film tutors and film professionals.